About us

Throughout our website pages, you will learn more about what goes into our all natural spelt products!
What makes King of Spelt unique? At King of Spelt we deal uniquely with Organic Spelt flour.
There’s also a long list of things you might find appealing: from being a family run business (everyone in our family has a specific part in the business), the logos/artwork and unique packaging design, the healthy all natural ingredients etc.
What makes the taste of these gourmet creations unique is that King of Spelt products are crafted using all natural ingredients with no preservatives or food colorings. We use 100% Organic Spelt flour. The finished product is like nothing you've ever tasted. You would never even know these products are made with whole grain spelt flour.
We proudly carry a list of "No's" that are displayed on our packages. Many of these "No's" are costly and challenging to eliminate from foods... especially baked goods. Trans Fats are commonly found in margarine, hydrogenated oils etc. It's also important to note that some hydrogenated oils don't show trans fats (0 g Trans Fat can be labeled as 0 g by manufacturers at .5 g), therefore it's important to look at all nutrition labels for the phrase... hydrogenated or partially-hydrogenated (you won't find either on any product from King of Spelt). Artificial Colors and preservatives are made from petroleum by-products and High Fructose Corn Syrup is often called the great "body robber" for its ability to rob the nutrients of anything beneficial you may consume.
"No's" that King of Spelt does not use in our products:
No Trans Fats
No Hydrogenated Oils
No Artificial Colors or Flavors
No Preservatives
No High Fructose or ANY Corn Syrup
No artificial sweeteners of any kind